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OOH Campaign

Eternally Extra

Your gilded age is right now

Golden Goose's new-sneakers-that-look-old have a cult following, but the brand is far from a household name. This campaign builds awareness by shamelessly showing Golden Goose shoes for what they are: works of art.

In uncertain times like these, we can save for the future or enjoy the present…and we all know which one is more fun.

The hedonistic spirit of Marie Antoinette and the rococo period strikes a cord in 2023. But this time, it’s for the masses.

The copyrights have timed out and the art of the period is public domain, so we use it as our canvas. The Eternally Extra poster campaign captures the attitude of Golden Goose shoes: luxe, over the top, with one foot in the past and the other in the future.

The posters will be hung on city streets in gaudy golden “frames,” and painted directly onto buildings, blurring the line between advertising and fine art.


With Eternally Extra, Golden Goose becomes a patron of public art… not only with crafted streetwear, but also with urban installations around the world.

Mentor: David Stadtmüller

Copywriter: Brooke Cheney

Art Director: Katharina Eugster

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