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Monkey Business

Interspecies Collaboration

Zoom connects people around the world. Now they're connecting humans and our animal cousins: the great apes.

Like us, monkeys and apes are highly social and intelligent beings. They are some of the only other animals that interact with their own reflections and with screens.

We share over 97% of our gene pool, yet we will probably see their species go extinct in the wild within our lifetime.

Zoom sets up live-stream cameras and screens in primate sanctuaries so companies can hire an external team of monkeys to add to any meeting. The primates are free to roam, but they can stop by and give valuable insight and inspire their human colleagues.

To promote the campaign, Zoom turns to the professional watering hole: LinkedIn. We made profiles and CVs for real primates to connect directly with companies around the world.

The primates' wages go to repopulation efforts. Monkey Business brings us closer to our closest animal relatives, raising awareness and funds to protect them for generations to come. 

Copywriting: Brooke Cheney

Art Direction: Katharina Eugster

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