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creative copywriter

& after hours art director

As an artist, one is a link in a chain.


Vincent van Gogh

Watching a good video ad has always made me cry.

I used to wish I didn’t feel things so deeply, but I’ve come to see it as my greatest gift.

My name is Brooke. I was born and raised in Connecticut, USA, and I’m based in Berlin. To advertising I bring a novelist’s stamina, a copywriter’s clip, and a poet’s heart. 

Whatever I do, I go deep. 

Sometimes writing one does, too.


Developmental & Line Editing
Creative Writing
Plotting & Storytelling
Creative Concepting


Echo Studies

Echo Studies

Writing exercises in the voices of iconic campaigns

My takes...

on the greats


Eternally Extra

Your gilded age is right now

Though Golden Goose's new-sneakers-that-look-old have a cult following, the brand is far from a household name. This campaign builds awareness by shamelessly showing Golden Goose shoes for what they are: works of art.

In uncertain times like these, we can save for the future or enjoy the present…and we all know which one is more fun.

The hedonistic spirit of Marie Antoinette and the rococo period strikes a cord in 2022. But this time, it’s for the masses.

The copyrights have timed out and the art of the period is public domain, so we use it as our canvas. The Eternally Extra poster campaign captures the attitude of Golden Goose shoes: luxe, over the top, with one foot in the past and the other in the future.

The posters will be hung on city streets in gaudy golden “frames,” and painted directly onto buildings, blurring the line between advertising and fine art.


With Eternally Extra, Golden Goose becomes a patron of public art… not only with crafted streetwear, but also with urban installations around the world.

Copywriting: Brooke Cheney

Art Direction: Katharina Eugster

Safe & Sound

JBL makes high quality headphones that optimize whatever you play. With noise canceling technology, you hear only what you want, and none of what you don’t. The possibilities go beyond simple entertainment. These headphones can even heal.

Copywriting: Brooke Cheney & Inna Tabachenko

Art Direction: Anna Smolkina

Monkey Business

Interspecies Collaboration

Zoom connects people around the world. Now they're connecting humans and our animal cousins: the great apes.

Like us, monkeys and apes are highly social and intelligent beings. They are some of the only other animals that interact with their own reflections and with screens.

We share over 97% of our gene pool, yet we will probably see their species go extinct in the wild within our lifetime.

Zoom sets up live-stream cameras and screens in primate sanctuaries so companies can hire an external team of monkeys to add to any meeting. The primates are free to roam, but they can stop by and give valuable insight and inspire their human colleagues.

To promote the campaign, Zoom turns to the professional watering hole: LinkedIn. We made profiles and CVs for real primates to connect directly with companies around the world.

The primates' wages go to repopulation efforts. Monkey Business brings us closer to our closest animal relatives, raising awareness and funds to protect them for generations to come. 

Copywriting: Brooke Cheney

Art Direction: Katharina Eugster

The USA's First Official Language (Unofficially)

Duolingo is the most popular language-learning app, helping 500 million people expand their vocabulary – and their view of the world. This is especially important in a large continent like the USA, where a majority of people can only speak English… even though there’s never been an official national language.

Copywriting & Art Direction by me

In the English alphabet, there are 26 letters. Some 500 thousand words. A page in any given book looks about the same... yet they create distinct worlds. For me, the innovation that has always set me on fire has been literature.


Writers forge language in the cauldron of their hearts and brains, and the good stuff touches us. And changes us. This wordsmith innovation is the goal of my life.

This website explores what innovation means to me...inspired by my adoptive city.

a project

Brooke Cheney
Google Innovations
Sanj Surati

Innovation Portfolio



I think of Berlin as its mascot: the bear. 
And then it's a grizzly, licking up my tears.
Sometimes it's a teddy, blowing me kisses.
The thing about this city is you never know which one you'll get.
To simulate Berlin to me, 
I invite you to roll the dice
and meet the teddy 🧸 or the grizzly ☠️ at every turn.
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